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“Don’t make things up; don’t exaggerate. Just be up-front. If you don’t know something, be very skillful at finding it out, and that’s good enough. And if you make a mistake, admit it—immediately.”

-Greg Smith

Knowing Where You Are | Net WorthHello, friend!

Welcome to Journey to Millions!

In my previous article, I have shared with you the First Step to Your Journey to Millions which is “knowing where you want to go” or Setting Financial Goals.

Financial goals inspire you to do good things, try new things, and finish things that you have left undone. They motivate you to aspire for something big, for something better, for something that makes you want to get up in the morning and do some awesome work. But, of course, you shouldn’t stop at merely “dreaming” about what your life could be or should be.

With your clearly set financial goals, you can surely go places, but not without discovering “where you are now.”

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