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Learning My Way To Millions: Top 5 Personal Finance Books I’ve Read and LovedHello, friend!

Welcome to Journey to Millions!

In my very first article, Learning My Way To Millions: The Quick and Easy Way To Master the ABCs of Personal Finance, I have revealed to you a sure fire way to discover how any ordinary man can turn himself to a millionaire (without the risk of being scammed and losing any more money).

In the same article, I have also promised to share with you the top 5 personal finance books I have read and loved.

It’s time for me to fulfill my promise.

So, in this article, I will be outlining the titles of my favorite personal finance books and their respective authors.

Not only that, I will also add a few more details on how these personal finance books made me fall inlove with them (not fall asleep with them).

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